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Televic R6 review
In early 2020, I had a chance to use the new Televic Lingua ID interpreter console, however this post is not about the console itself, but rather about the redesigned infrared receivers by Televic that belong to the same series: R6, R12, and R40, for a maximum of 6, 12, and 40 channels respectively.

  • a flat continuous bezel-less front panel covering the display and the IR reception lens;
  • a graphic monochrome OLED display with white symbols on a dark background;
  • a 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) headphone jack on the top;
  • a clip at the back;
  • firmware upgrades are possible via the charging case with 2 Ethernet ports;
  • does not take AA batteries, proprietary rechargeable batteries only.
The receiver is very elegant and is somewhat reminiscent of the expensive Nokia 8800 Sirocco cell phone which, among other premium-grade models, used to be popular back in the old days.
When the graphic display if off, its borders are absolutely invisible beneath the dark plastic.
If you attempt to power on the receiver without headphones connected, you will see a notification that prompts you to connect headphones first.
The device is perfectly symmetrical with the headphone jack placed on the top of the receiver.
The Televic logo is very well made and discreet.
The pocket clip at the back feels pretty fragile, but I am sure that it is made of a resistant plastic material.
On its bottom, the infrared receiver has 4 contacts for charging, configuration, firmware upgrades, and even statistics retrieval on the battery health (!). See the Televic data sheet.
The front panel is glossy and at a certain angle you can clearly see fingerprints left on it.
Here are a few pictures.
Please feel free to contact me if you think that some of the information in this post is incorrect.

First published in Russian: 2020−02−16.
English translation added: 2020−07−23.
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